Monday, 5 April 2010

Lady RNG

Can kiss my... *ahem*
Can suck my... *ahem*
Got that over and done with.
You may now breathe again.

That rant was brought to you courtsey of Noblegarden, in case you've been living under an ooze somewhere in Un'Goro. However it was the one title I was going to get for Pilf as the others would have involved PvP and there is no way that 'we' would have done that. I couldn't even bamboozle the Other Half into doing it for me, as I just couldn't see Pilf PvPing. Ever. So I spent way too many hours yesterday, clicking eggs, and dealing with my inner nerdrage in extremis. All your eggs in Falconwing Square are belonging to me. Ok? But finally she found a willing troll (thanks Kinie) and got the last bit of the Turn Every Female Around You Into a Sex Object achievement and now she is the Noble. Pilfkin the Noble. Has a nice ring to it doesn't it? (And yes, I fail at the Armoury in regards to poses etc. It's on my To Do List.) Fortunately enough, there isn't too much RNG involved - yes I had to get the right clothes which I did manage, and, even more fortunately, the dress isn't part of the meta achievement. Because if it was the Other Half might have left home, after I'd hit 400+ eggs and not had it drop. Eventually I went and bought it.

However I appear to have decided that I haven't been punished enough. For a multitude of reasons I have rolled a belf mage. Sorry, a male belf mage. Mainly so I can coo at the screen and stroke it a lot (still talking about the screen here folks) and get all staticky but then the Other Half pointed out that, if nothing else, I need to get 100 eggs which I can hand in for Bunny Lols so here I am again, in Falconwing Square, trying not to nerdrage. On the plus side, it isn't that bad. I tend to stand on the strip of grass behind Selyin (the weapon vendor) and zip back and forth among the five or six spawn points. The belf mage will be the subject of numerous forthcoming posts I'm sure, I suspect some of which will be me trying to get my head round RPing a male character (waitwut?) especially one who is so darn pretty. But enough of my warped tendencies... I hope everyone is having a fantastic Noblegarden with lots of choccy, both in Azeroth and outside it!


  1. 6 hours to find a female Dwarf. Then I had to farm 200 extra eggs to get the Elegant Dress achievement because I'm a points whore. *nod*

  2. All the dorfs and gnoams in dalaran were male. Plus quite unisex with hoods on...

  3. Wow ruined easter for me. I hate eggs now.

    Something completely off topic, looking at some of your pictures on the blog, are you sure you're playing with the right resolution? All your characters seem to have put on some weight...

    - Erc

  4. Are you implying, Ercles, that my characters may have been a little piggy recently? Don't you know that us women are ever so sensitive about our weight? I may have to go and sob in a corner now... *sniffles*

  5. The Prettiest Elf wants me to tell you he loves the darling skull motifs, and that purple is very you. Brings out the fel glow of your eyes.

  6. I want to meet the Prettiest Elf!! We could be friends and ensure that we never have split ends or outfits that don't match!


    /blush. I *love* it when people compliment my eyes.