Thursday, 29 April 2010

In which I discover how much blood elves value their personal space.

The Other Half and I decided that we would let Pilf and Afaon meet tonight. So we sat on our keyboards, with our headphones on and music playing (so we couldn't 'cheat' and talk to each other) and let the Fates take their course. Despite my choice of music being suitably atmospheric (Ella Fitzgerald, Otis Redding and the like) I had the wobbles. Remember that first date feeling? Where you don't always know that much about the other person, you don't know if it'll be an utter disaster and the butterfiles are turning somersaults in your tummy? Well, ok it wasn't that bad (I do have some grasp of reality) but it was still decidedly odd. Talking in /say is still odd to me, coming from a PvE server where it's something that only... well I don't even know if the newbies even talk in say, and in the cities it's just the trolls (no not those sort of trolls, not the bluey/greeny ones!) and spammers who use it. So we moved from Silvermoon fairly quickly (not confident enough to be RPing in /say in a city as yet it seems!) to go walk in the woods.

Pilf striding off ahead: Don't even think about invading my space...

So we walk some more and at some point she got brave and extended her hand and Afaon took it...

Ok, this maybe before she was at the hand holding stage: See this area *extends arms* this is my space. See this area *gestures* this is your space.

They have a discussion about which road to take (hmm, nothing deep there, no subtext at all I would add) and eventually (!) decide to go to the beach. So they meander slowly down to the beach (dang it's quite a walk as well) and ignore the level 5 ether fiends that come over, hit Afaon and go 'damn you paladins and your retribution aura' *shrivel and die* as best they can. Eventually they reach the beach.

Can you feel the passion: Ok, we're here, now what??

They make some small talk, well Pilf makes some small talk 'Isn't the sea beautiful?' style thing. Afaon's response: 'Not as beautiful as you'

Still with the personal space thang: Yeah just 'cos we're on the beach bad boy, don't you be thinking you're seeing any action tonight!

Eventually they sat down and got talking. Pilf tried to be her usual standoffish self but a little bit of warmth did eventually seep through. Despite her protestations about her family's reaction if they knew where she was she did lighten up fractionally.

See this they're nearly touching: Yeah get creative with those camera angles and we can make believe that we aren't actually two repressed, shy Sin'dorei after all...

She did get her Cinderella complex on though and had to be back to the City before night fell. However, despite the stammering, bashfulness and the personal space issues they have agreed to meet again. Pilf will probably be along tomorrow to run you through events as she saw them. There may be less focus on personal space (but more soul searching).


  1. *sniffles* that's sooooo cute

  2. Aww /hug

    Pilf's version will be cute (maybe not cute, I don't think Pilf _does_ cute...) but I needed to write this to get my omg-how-weird-is-it-dating-your-other-half-in-game-thing over and done with :)

  3. It's not that weird.. :) I think it is a natural extension to the RPing you've been doing - and better to explore a romance side of it with the other half :) If it doesn't work out, you know where I am ;)

  4. I suspect that the path of true love - should they even get that far (!) won't run smooth - but thank you for the offer Issy, I'll bear it in mind ;)

  5. Dear god, what a pair of sweeties you are.

  6. That is the silliest, sweetest, darlingest thing I've ever seen. WTB Pilf&Afoan.

  7. /blush.

    I'm actually going to turn my responses to you all into a post as I haven't quite written about this enough as yet...!