Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Grand Tour - Nagrand/Zangermarsh

I find myself in a quandry of sorts. I have spent some time in Outlands now, and would hope that my assistance has been helpful. I left the Penninsula as quickly as I could; this I readily admit. I found myself sent to Zangermarsh, a peculiar place, and full of trolls. Whilst I continue to find it distressing to offer my skills to trolls they were gracious (as far as they are able to be) and generous with payment for my assistance. Such an odd place though, huge mushrooms stretch far into the sky, the land itself is riddled with small rivulets and islands and every corner teems with naga or giants. From Zangermarsh I travelled to Nagrand.

Nagrand is beautiful. Lush and fertile, cut through with sparkling rivers and lakes, it is a soothing balm for eyes which have recently been assaulted by harsh red sand, or have been peering through the unending gloom of the marshes. Here the sun shines brightly and the nights are clear, stars spread out like a scattering of diamonds on a velvet cloth. There is more than a touch of magic in this place; there are islands floating high in the air, some with waterfalls cascading down, and I must confess I have sought sanctuary and peace upon them on more than one occasion.I have been advised, though, that whilst I still grow in skill, I am sufficiently advanced that I should journey to the frozen wastes of Northrend. I am naturally flattered by this, I feel in a short space of time I have come far, but I am unwilling unhappy to travel yet further from my home. There is much more to be done in Outlands, this is my justification to myself, but am I being selfish? Should I not go where I am bid without question?

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