Friday, 30 April 2010

Getting muddled (or a post in points)

I'm still suffering from residual confusion after last night, so whilst I fully intend to let Pilf write her stuff... at some point... you're going to have to put up with me debriefing myself a little more first.

Point the First: Ok, the idea was a little off the wall, I knew this as did the Other Half. We had agreed how we would get Pilf and Afaon to meet - the whole gift thing, and what the follow on would be - they would cross paths in Silvermoon, but beyond that we hadn't planned anything. I was more resistant to not planning than the Other Half was - truth be told I suspect that he would have liked more discussion and more planning as he's more of a thinker than I am, I tend to charge into stuff and then worry about how to actually _do_ it at the point where I'm all caught up in it anyway. But what I really didn't want was to over-think it, and seeing as how it's not how 'we' would act but how 'they' would behave, there didn't seem to be a great deal of point in over-analysis.

Point the Second: It was a lot harder than you'd think. The Other Half and I did our 'date' period, we now live together and have done for 2 years. And we all know the drill when you start living together - after the initial rush of 'wheee we have unlimited access to each other' has worn off - she discovers that not only does he break wind regularly and odouriferous-ly he does it in bed; he discovers that the matching underwear is consigned to the 'occasional use only' drawer, and don't even think that you get to decide what constitutes a 'special occasion', to use random examples. But actually, on that point I have a question... To all the ladies out there (and maybe to the gentlemen, I would hate to put people into boxes!) why do we give men the impression that scratchy lace underwear is something that we regularly wear, nay, enjoy wearing? Who really enjoys wearing underwear that is deliberately made to cut into your bottom? Do we know anyone who really-truly-honestly and routinely wears stockings or holdups? We have no-one to blame but ourselves, I suggest, that when for years to come our chap buys us this type of kit for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and Valentines, where upon we are offended. I only know one person who actually wears matching underwear (the comfy cotton 'matching' but beyond the usual 'bra is black so I guess knickers should also be black' type 'matching', you understand, not sexeh lace 'you are on a promise tonight baybee' 'matching') and it's very much her dirty little secret that she wails about when she has imbibed one to many: Someone tell meeeeee - why do I have a 1950s housewife inside me battling to get out??? (Yes, I know WoW blog - not the place for gender politics, especially from a woman who plays a blood elf female as her main.) Ahem. Where was I before we took a paddle in the TMI river? Oh yes, the oddness of having to not know the person you live with. But it's not really the Other Half that Pilf is interacting with, it's Afaon, and neither I nor she knows much about him. So we have to let them find their own way.

Point the Third: I know who Pilf is, how she thinks, how she feels, how she reacts. The Other Half knows as much as the rest of the people who read this blog and not much more than that. I on the other hand don't even have that much information about Afaon aside from the Other Half's view of the initial thang. The Other Half would be the first to admit that Afaon is just growing into 'himself' having always been a meat shield and not much more up until now. So the Other Half is at, I would suggest, a slight disadvantage already. When you now add 'our' personalities to this, and anyone who has ever been in gchat, vent or both, will probably agree that I might be fractionally more talkative and extrovert than he is, it all gets interesting. Because Pilf ain't like me is she? Pilf's not the let it all hang out - default spec is wench persona that I am (on the interwebz). So Pilf and Afaon's relationship isn't going to mirror 'our' relationship from the get-go. Which is good and just how it should be, but if you take two shy, repressed and introverted people and put them in a room together... well it isn't likely to be all crackling electricity and charged looks is it? Then add all the pressures of being Sin'dorei, and Pilf's hang-ups and Afaon's issues to the pot as well. Is it starting to seem complicated yet?

Point the Fourth: I know no-one is making me/him/us do this but I/we want to. I have no desire, zip, nix, nada to get Pilf romancing with someone random on the server. None at all, and I assume that the Other Half would find it incredibly difficult if I did, because damn straight, if the shoe was on the other foot, I would be chucking my toys out of the pram (and other equally mixed metaphors as well). Yes, it's pixels, but we all know that behind those pixels lurk imaginary friends people. Nor do I have any interest in getting into cyberlols ERP. Again, not judging, but not for me. And certainly not for Pilf. Also, it is fantastic muse material. Obviously I haven't written Pilf's view of this as yet, but I have a fair idea of how it's going to go. And I adore writing 'her' posts, almost to the point where I worry that Moar Alts is getting a bit fractured, veering as it does between my random inanity and 'her' RP posts. Oh to have the energy and time to maintain two blogs /sigh. Maybe one day. So yes, we'll carry on with this and see what happens. Neither the Other Half or I have any idea what the end point will be - we haz no planz. But y'know, it's another facet to my gaming and that's all for the good!


  1. ooh, where to start.
    1. Doing it. I think you are both very brave - I think it is actually quite an exciting thing to do, all cutesy comments aside. I am really interested in how it pans out.

    2. Underwear. You are quite right.. I hate it when I have to scrabble around for an itchy piece of lace to wear because I am behind on the washing. I kind of always assumed they were deliberately designed that way so you would want to get them off as soon as possible...

    3. I guess Naofa is at a disadvantage - you have such a strong sense of who Pilf is, and you communicate it so well *jealous*. I know I would find it hard, but I have a lot of confidence in him being better at this than he might think he is though :)

    4. Your blog, have it how you want it :D From my point of view, I am equally interested in your RP experiments as everything else you have to say :)

    5. Wot no ERPing *sniffles* :)

    6. Good luck to both of you :) x

  2. Thanks for the link, Pilf!

    And I'm guilty of being a matchy-scratchy-lacy undies wearer :( I've always thought the point sort of was that you can't really forget you're wearing it, which sort of reminds you constantly that you're, y'know, er... well, this is a family blog, so I'll stop there.

    But don't you stop there (in your blogging, that is), because we're loving the Pilf/Afaon dramz!

  3. @ Issy - thank you for telling the guild that my post discusses underwear - my stat counter made interesting reading this morning ;p And thank you for the list too. You are, of course, right as always :)

    @ Disciplinary Action - this ain't a family blog - Issy comments regularly!! But *giggle* at the underwear comment - which is 100% right of course!!

  4. I only own one piece of scratchy underwear and the last time I wore it was when I was absolutely totally positively out of non-scratchy ones.

    On the bright side, my boyfriend doesn't give a damn. To quote him, "I only want to get it off you, do you think I LOOK at it?".