Saturday, 1 May 2010

For Tam - this is what ya need buddy!

Tam can't decide how to "mount his dorf" satisfactorily... Fortunately Koch has taken pity on him and made a number of suggestions. And the thought of mounting Tam gets Issy thinking about what she likes to ride. (Ok, I'll stop now, I promise.) I vote for the above - natch!

Beruthiel is starting to revist old zones before they get destroyed. Make a Memory makes me remember that there are zones which I haven't ever really explored... And Safrocentric is journeying around - with a picnic basket - how could anyone resist?! Something a little similar but more challenging Disciplinary Action has a blogger challenge (slight zone spoilers) that I've signed up for - well, what are you waiting for? Gogogogogo! Harpy's Nest is doing what I should be doing - also in the Hinterlands - hopefully on (both) of us will have some luck soon.

Priest With a Cause talks about an addon that I really, really want. Yes names bug me. A lot. I want this addon to get out of beta and over turn Gearscore. 'Nuff said. For something slightly different try this. If you want intelligent discussion - this is where it's at /salute. RL is critting Jak but he's starting to battle back to Azeroth - yay! Kam talks about re-visiting old content, a subject dear to my heart at present - though I'm jealous as the Other Half and I haven't managed this as yet. And The Fridge has a grumble about 'that guy'.

And I have a list of posts I need to write, a screenshot folder that is beyond a entire dairyful of pails which I _must_ sort. Oh, and RL stuffs to attend to as well /waves.


  1. I whinged when I had to run around atop an enormous pink cock, you really think I want a rocket 'o lurve? ;)

  2. You're a dorf!! We allknow that dorf's over compensate *looks at Ironforge*