Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Epic quests are epic.

Having gotten both trinkets I toodled off to the Eastern Plaguelands to do my priest quest - with far too much confidence, for heaven's sake, this was a level 60 quest and I'm ten levels above that. How hard can it be? Eris explains the quest... yes, come along, I know this. I've been to YouTube thank you, it's easy mode. And WowHead says the same... But screenies to explain anyhows:

Ok yes, I know. Save 50 peasants before 15 die - how hard could it possibly be? Like the first aid triage thing - it's just a case of getting your eye in etc etc. ZOMGWFTBBQ fucking hard is how hard. The first attempt I viewed as a learning curve *cough*. The second and third attempts were frustrating as helpful, random abominations and screechers and all the other shit that runs round the Plaguelands decided that Pilf looked tasty and munchable. Then I had a tantrum and decided to watch Waterloo Road with the Youngest. Because oh yes, should you fail the quest a few things happen:

1) My mate Eris tells the entire zone that you failed to save them in /yell. Just what you want when you are frustrated and failing - the whole zone to know. Fortunately the whole zone consisted of single figures but thanks for that regardless Blizzard [sarc] /bow.

2) Eris, bless her cotton socks, then despawns for about 15 minutes so you can grind your teeth and beat yourself up some more.

Oh and the 'severe punishment' mentioned in the quest text is this dude. The Cleaner. He's immune to melee and spell damage dontcha know.

This is what happens if your thought process is along the lines of this (most profanity removed for your pleasure):

1) How the fuckety-fuck am I going OOM in both shadow and holy specs?

2) I know the Other Half has a shaman...

3) Let's get the shama over here to chuck some totems up.

4) Oops bad plan. Tantrum some more.

I then did attempts five, six and seven. And watched inane tv whilst I waited for Eris to respawn. On attempt eight (Waterloo Road had now finished - yay) I'd got to the 'fuck it, one more attempt and then I'm going to bed to punch pillows' state. And, of course, I did it.

I know that I've been banging on about this recently but fuck vanilla WoW must have been hard! Like srsbznz. I was going OOM with about, ah I don't know, 8.5-9k mana. Plus Wrath potions, shadowfiend, mana regen elixirs and belfie racials. But then I can't down-rank my renews, which I guess you could do (hey, I remember down-ranking!) That said, you have to actually be able to play, y'know the kind of thing: have spatial awareness, move around, cast on the run, prioritise. None of which are my strong points.... And it got my 'oh fuck I'm shite' thing going again, all of a sudden I was back in Ulduar being miserable. Going shadow may just be the best thing I've done thus far.

But I have a shiny stave - look up - see stave that is shiny. And god-damn it if it wasn't all worth it. I'm damn proud of myself (and very thankful to all those who helped, whether it was in MC last night or via supportive comments in gchat - I hugely appreciate it!) because I didn't give in, throw my hands in the air and let the Other Half do it, which is my usual reaction to Wow stuff that I don't get! I really wanted Pilf to have this, and I wanted it to be me that got it for her - I love the Other Half dearly, but not enough to let him play Pilf - she's all mine. And exceptionally happy tonight too!


  1. Whee! Big congratulations, that is brilliant, and you can rightly be proud of yourself :) x

  2. Congratulations.
    I used lots of Immolation pots and the Stratholme holy water back in Vanilla. I think I might even have specced into Holy Nova.

  3. Well done! I felt just the same as you when I did it too...

    I can't say well done neough actually, but the feelings are so great and you just brought them all back for me!

  4. @ Issy - thank you as always hun - you're the best cheerleader ever /hugs

    @ Erinys - thank you! And /saulte. I cannot imagine (as you may have gathered) what that was like at level 60! If I hadn't done it last night I was going to go down the Oil of Immolation route...

    @ Seph - I remember that post. And having just re-read it: "it feels like I imagine it must feel for a druid to get swift flight form, or for paladins and warlocks to get their epic mounts the proper way" I got my warlock mount the proper way (before you could just train it) and I remember the final bit being quite challenging... but you did it in a group. One of the worst/best things about this for me was that there were no loopholes, no-one else could help - it was just you standing there on your own, with no-one having your back. But yes, I'm very proud and still going 'bounce bounce' this morning. All I need now, of course, is the Tier set to match!

  5. Oh wow, you finally did it!

    I think I'd gone by then.

  6. Congratulations! and somehow I seem to remember that back then there was no limit on the amount of potions. So with infinite funds you also could bring infinite amounts of mana.

    Or some such.