Sunday, 25 April 2010

The day Lady RNG decided I deserved cookies.

So as I don't really know where to start with writing about today I'll start with the obvious. You may recall that I'm determined to farm Magister's Terrace for the Phoenix pet. Fortunately the Other Half was amenable to this suggestion so we go off to see if we could duo (the Other Half might say: solo) it. We could - yay, but no pet. Then the Other Half suggested that we should try to do it on Heroic. Fortunately some lovely guildies took pity upon me us him and came along (thank you Issy, Gerrard and Randomara). I got some lovely shinies from Kael, but was cross that he had yet again failed to drop my pet. So engrossed in this fact was I, that I failed to notice that actually he had dropped something even better. It wasn't until I was trying to work out what mount they were talking about in party chat, and assuming that it was the uber-omg-if-I-got-this-I-would-cry-for-days one that drops in The Eye, I realised that the white hawkstrider had dropped. Which I then won the roll on. Big, big squee!! I've also gone from Neutral to Honoured with the Shattered Sun Offensive in less than a day /flex. I did make him run it again with me on Normal but still no pet. Ah well. Isn't that *just* the right mount for Pilf??

I then took myself off to WoWHead as my current headpiece offends me. Yes, I know that I can deselect 'show helm' in the Options Menu but I have Outfitter set to pop me out of my DPS gear and into my city outfit automatically when I enter a city. And I like my Magister's Hood and want it on display but can't be arsed to go in and out of the Options Menu, so as a result I have my idiotic helm on display all the time. It's a blue turban with a red feather sticking out right above my eyes. I don't think I'm being overly picky here when I don't want to see it... WoWHead told me that there was a gorgeous shiny one in The Arcatraz so the Other Half agrees that, why yes, he would love nothing better than to take me to yet more instances so we toodle off. As we get there the Other Half's brow furrows in confusion... and he realises that somehow he has never done this instance to completion. Hmm. That's not a good sign. At the end of Burning Crusade our little party of five farmed the instances - like you did 'cos what else was there to do? And we couldn't even pick up raid level gear with emblems, oh no, we just got bog standard emblems, none of this higher item level stuff *grumbles*. This was intriguing, he always tanked, why no completion...? We realised that we had in fact gone there a few times, as it was part of the Kara key chain but then we got to the last boss and remembered why we never bothered when it was the daily. Because it's bastard fucking annoying that's why. So natch my helm wouldn't drop because that would be too easy, right? But then it did. Seriously. I also got amazing shoulders with glowing balls on them. F.U.N.K.Y in extremis, oh yes.

All of which makes me sad that there are so many places we never see. Yes, I know I've grumbled about this before. But it wasn't until we went to do MagT on Heroic that people realised they couldn't as they hadn't done it on Normal yet. Another reason why we should run old content said Randomara and I couldn't agree more. I'm totally considering suggesting making a set night 'revisit old content' night, in fact I might toodle off to the forum now and stick something up...


  1. Very glad Pilf got her white chicken :)
    And yes, it was a lot of fun doing HC MaTe :D
    It has been well over a year since I had been there, and I had forgotten what a cool instance it is :)
    Usually up for stuffs if I am around, even if it is only in the name of decreasing Pilf's wardrobe space :)

  2. Congrats!

    I'm not envious, honest...

  3. Grats ... *says Tam, threw gritted, envious teeth*.

    No seriously grats.

    I take vicarious pleasure in your chicken :D

  4. @ Issy - aww thank you - Pilf's ever decreasing wardrobe always has room for more stuff *ahem*

    @ Gaz - thank you for the non-envious congratulations

    @ Tam - goodness me, I was going to insert an inappropriate comment about Tam-the-belf taking vicarious pleasure in... hmmmm ...nevermind ;)