Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Cuddly stuff (kinda)

Anna’s Friday ficklet-thingy asked a good question about pets and mounts. Kam has already written a stunning post to answer the question. Being still quite new to the whole RP thang my post will not be as long (or, I suspect, as beautifully written) as I really only have Pilf’s viewpoint to write from.

I think I have already mentioned that whilst I have nothing agin shiny ponies (I bought the Other Half one as an early birthday prezzie) I won’t be getting one. I run two WoW accounts; my original account and my new account. Pilf and Kyr are on the new(er) account, my original priest, Shadrynne and my belfadin, Kythes, are on my original account. So to start with, I would have to ‘choose’ between accounts, and therefore between characters.

Whilst I love Shad a great deal, and have very fond memories of her, as well as achievements that I will never get on Pilf (random examples are ftw, obviously), she has a bucketload of mounts already and doesn’t need anymore. She has little RP value to me, which I’ve given up trying to do anything about. She was created and played mainly for PvE end game and that was the function she fulfilled, prior to her semi-retirement. She also has a shiny green dragon of awesomeness that I lurve. Kythes, bless her, hardly ever gets played (she started life as a human paladin called Raynebowe due to an long standing joke with an old friend, apropos of me having, ahem, care-bear tendencies…) Melee pew isn’t something I enjoy and the world is over run, it seems with paladin healers (and I was never much good at healing as a paladin). She does the occasional lap of the Storm Peaks to mine, and cuts gems but basically, that’s all. And she certainly can do that without a sparkly horsie. There’s also Millis on this account, my sulky gnome warlock, who I could see riding it, but as she’s sulking and on permanent (it seems) retirement, it would be an exercise in pointlessness. .

So my newer account has Pilf and Kyr on it, from an RP perspective anyway. No matter how much I stretch my brain I cannot fathom a set of circumstances in which Pilf would have access to such a mount (but seriously, props to people who can work this into their character’s story), nor would she ride one - she’s barely got over the novelty of being able to fly on a beast she can recognise – but the thought of her riding something that looks like it has been woven from stars …! Along the same vein, I desperately want….long for… and adore Hogs. But Pilf would rather walk until she wore out her shoes, until her feet blistered, shredded and then bled, than get onto a contraption like that. Kyr, on the other hand, I could definitely see riding one – so I’m pinning my hopes upon him!! I don’t want Pilf to ‘never’ have a mount aside from her wind-rider, but it really is important to me that what happens to her is ‘appropriate’ and works for her. I struggle madly with the fact that her hearth is set to Dalaran – when she has never been to Northrend, but I excuse it on the basis that sometimes, convenience for me has to come before what’s ‘right’ for her, but mounts etc does not fit this category. What I actually want for her, because it would fit so well, is the snowy gryphon, but bah to faction specific mounts.

I haven’t given much thought to pets, at least RP specific ones. I was (and still am) amazingly flattered to have received the bear cub as the result of one of the competitions in SAN’s fishing extravaganza and she does have a few pets, it seems. But again, pets for me, have hostorically been something to vaguely rotate through when bored in instances, then things that actually have *meaning*. The one 'pet' I do think Pilf would adore though is the Broom to remind her of home. The issue is that I can't ever see her doing AT stuff, especially not jousting, and without jousting 40 seals might take some time. So I have two options, as I see it. Firstly Shad just gets one and sends it to her - boooooooooring right? Secondly, she is sent one from an admirer *pointed look at the Other Half and (vain?) hope that he gets why this would be A Good Thing*. (And, no, it's not because I hate jousting. How can I hate it when I don't do it?!) I guess if I could work it somehow she'd like the firefly but I remember the grind to get it on Shad... Maybe the mana wyrmling because of home, but she has the various dragonhawk hatchlings and they don't seen to do much for her. I'm now losing myself in the WoWHead pet page.... And this has to be one of the coolest pets ever. I nearly killed a guildie when I saw he had it. Anyway - tangents are bad. So here's my carefully constructed wish list (but achievable, i.e. nothing that's BoA or from Cons I've never been/will never go to. for Pilf's (RP) pet collection, in no particular order:

Enchanted Broom - to stave off homesickness.
Captured Firefly - for the 'Still Flying' flavour text. Yes, I know it's a reference to a series I've never seen but it's also quite Pilf...
Mana Wyrmling - for shininess and belfness.
Captured Flame - because who wouldn't want to pretend they had a dead night elf enslaved to them? Because it's slightly ethereal and very Pilf in an undefinable way.
Kirin Tor Familiar - for those days when she kinda wants to open a can of whoop-ass and pretend to be a warlock (also known as PMS...?) On a side note, I'm not sure if this is achievable for me as I don't have the patience (or time) to sit in one spot for hours waiting for a random bloody spawn.
Mojo - whilst she waits for her Prince to appear.
Scorched Stone - mini flaming elemental is good. But shitty drop rates are shitty.
Piglet - because she does have a soft side.
Yeti - see above comment.
Phoenix Hatchling - if I have to explain this then everything I have written about Pilf was pointless and I'm going to go and cry.

The last one is the most important. Hmm, joint first with the broom anyway. And, when she is high enough, she will be running MagT until it drops!


  1. I lurve the Captured Flame and can't wait to finally get it for Fae this year! Phoenix is also one of Fae's favourite pets - so shiny. Though, I don't often have a pet attachment when it comes to my characters, the only one I can think of is my Nelf Death Knight and her loyal minion, Mr. Wiggles. /post idea.

  2. I'm finding having to start again with pets is more fun than I thought it would be, though the wishlist might be a bit optimistic!

    And please tell me why your DK has Mr Wiggles as a loyal pet... enquiring minds need to know!!