Monday, 15 March 2010

You know how fairy tales end... right?

I'm excessively over-excited about something that most people would view as insignificant and minor. Can I get a drum roll please?

I RP'd. (I'll give you a sec to pick yourself back up from the floor *pause*. Comfy? Good.)

Having logged on I was vaguely meandering around Silvermoon with Pilf. Having spent far too much time staring at the AH this morning I have found myself a set of 'city clothes' (calling them 'RP clothes' doesn't sit very well with me, I'm not too sure why) that I liked (subject of a soon-to-be-written post) so I was wearing those. Not quite as in your face as FlagRSP (which I might investigate forthwith) but enough that I guess it says 'RP'. I was actually talking to a friend in party so parked myself in the Silvermoon City Inn - possibly not hugely intelligent admittedly if one wanted to chat undisturbed to a friend, and as my brain processed that I got up and started to walk out. The beginning of what followed is below:

But due to my screenshot fails isn't complete. *sigh* However I accepted the trade window (!!) which contained apples and /e 'takes a bite'. At which point she whispered me ((it's poisoned)). And wahey I knew that ((...)) signifies an OOC hint thing! Ok so I know that might hit people's buttons re 'controlling' the other person but what the heck. I swooned and fell into a deep sleep (thank goodness for emotes that I know!!) And she cackled and left.

I know, I know tiny RP by most standards but I was utterly thrilled, as anyone present in gchat heard. In fact I still am completely charmed. It was minor but at the same time completely captivating. Just a very small, insignificant connection with someone for no reason at all, other than for the hell of it. And I did fail at least once. Anyone spot the newbie mistake? It took me a while afterwards to work it out. I'm not *supposed* to know that she's a warlock am I? She was wearing white and had no minion. But she recovered well (good job someone did) and I'll know for next time. Mental note: people do not walk around with classes displayed over their head *doh*.

On that note I might go investigate FlagRSP, just, y'know, out of interest and all that...


  1. Congratulations! May this be the first of many happy encounters.

  2. Hehe nice one Pilf :)

    I am really enjoying your blog :)

    Can't wait to see your FlagRSP description :)

    I might have the courage to embrace RP one of these days :)

  3. Thanks Sven - I'm not sure that I'd have had the courage to do anything (save run away) if I hadn't read your guides!

    And /hug Issy. C'mon you know you want to get on board the RP boat...!

  4. i'm still reluctant to launch myself into rp, downloaded flagrsp but didn't activate it yet ;) maybe i should sit down and think about Kaorin more.

    love your little story, sadly there are now dwarves in silvermoon, they could've carried you away, put you in a box and all that ^^

  5. That's just awesome!

    Although I'd be careful about swooning in SMC - heaven knows how people will try to revive you :)

  6. I *think* someone did vaguely consider it. Certainly a paladin did come stand over me in a somewhat contemplative manner for a while afterwards...