Friday, 19 March 2010

Working nine to five (is no way to make a living)

~DISCLAIMER~ In no way do I expect sympathy for the whinging and I know I'm 2 days over whiny post day and that I had my whine then!

But powerlevelling professions is srs-bznz y'all. And I'm a fool to myself because I regularly vow never ever to do this again. Never will I powerlevel herbing/mining/alchemy/inscription/JC etc etc. But I always do. Because I can't leave professions alone. Hullo - my name is Pilf and I'm a professions addict. All my characters, on every server, have two professions, and most of them have additional fishing/cooking/first aid as well. Some of them have switched professions at least once, in my defence however, this was usually due to my 'attempts' (in the loosest sense of the word) to min-max back in my raiding days.

So Pilfe spend far too long yesterday in Thousand Needles, to the point where even when I shut my eyes I saw the orange rock engraved somehow on the inside of my eyelids (or maybe onto my retinas? I don't know but it wasn't fun!) I have copper ore coming out of my (elegant yet pointed) ears. How much tin ore do I have? Sod all. But thanks for asking. And why is this? Thousand Needles gives you masses of copper nodes and masses of iron nodes and what do you need between copper and iron, people? Yes, you need tin. Goddammit. And what do you need to get through low level jewelcrafting? Lots of moss agate, lots of lesser moonstone and bronze. And what do all these things have in common - say it with me now: tin ore! AD has, what I believe is referred to as a 'mature economy' which means that tin ore isn't cheap. Ok, it's not zomg-gtfo-expensive either but it's say 15g a stack. Prospecting takes 5 ore at 20 ore per stack. That's 15 gold for potentially 4 lesser moonstone/moss agate. And you need a lot of it. A fuck-ton of it in fact. And, if you're me you are a) perpetually broke and b) dis-inclined to buy stuff you can mine. And yeah I know about Gevlon's stance on this... But it's ok cos I'm capable of loading up iTunes and zoning out while I ride round and round, keeping half an eye on guild chat to keep me awake. But dear lord it does get boring.

Today I've basically graduated onto iron which at least means Arathi and a change of scenery but also a prickle of impending doom. Because as frustrating as tin is, it's nowhere near the 'stick rusty needles dunked in vinegar in my eyes' pain that is the mithril/thorium grind. The thought of which has my feckles, heckles, hackles and schmeckles up (and pointing at you) already. The final insult, of course, that that jewelcrafting (as with most professions at low level yes, I know) makes feck all money. Oh there's the odd blue that you can sell but basically everything that I make has one of going into the (overflowing) guild bank and the rest going to the Other Half's DK to disenchant. On the plus side, it must be levelling his enchanting. because that's a fecking awful grind as well.



  1. If you like the grind, you should try instance farming. With the money you can buy up all the orez you like :P

  2. Hmm I don't really mind mining, I think I'd just OD'd on it yesterday! Instance farming sounds interesting though!