Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Who then am I?

(Basically a question for me to answer. Unfortunately between my work computer refusing to play pat-a-cake, reports that wouldn't load properly, the phone ringing non-stop and other such detritus of work life I haven't really had time to think much about this today.)

But I've started to do some reading around RP, focussing on two main points: the blood elf lore and priests. The things I always (shamefully) forget about the belves is how recent a race they are and how autocratic their society is (amazing that this is easy for me to forget really, when one sees the arcane patrollers, uh, patrolling Silvermoon issuing semi-threatening statements about conformity, not to mention the rogue ones in the Ruins of Silvermoon!) There's another facet too, that seems to appear with semi-regularity, which is one that I'm less than comfortable with: their percieved promiscuity. Maybe subconciously this is why I made a (holy) priest? To remove the sexual element? I don't know... please don't tell me people fetishise the clergy, I'm sure they do, I just don't want to think about it. I can't fathom if this is a serious suggestion, or one borne of longing: the belfs are sexy/pretty/attractive/whatever therefore they must sleep around? (Personally I can't get past belf eyebrows, makes me want to grab my tweezers everytime 'cos, y'know, they'd tickle something awful. I haven't really though a lot about this. Honest.) Maybe it's do do with most of the race being wiped out, the biological imperative thing? Maybe it's the fault of the Silvermoon town planning board who removed doors and replaced them with flimsy curtains... as incentive to...snuggle (a serious suggestion on one of the boards I've read, not my inner depravity externalising itself in a weird Arabian Nights manner!) I spent more time than I was going to considering that. So moving on...

I have established that I want Pilf to be holy. I now have to marry this (somehow) with the fact that she will use shadow spells, I'm no where near being hardcore enough to just use holy magic. So while she will use dark magic to defend herself and her friends she will always feel unsettled doing so. (See, I'm getting there.) Her primary calling will always be the light and using her magic... how? To heal her friends? For 'good' (how do you define 'good'?) Argh... I was doing well for a moment there.

I also want her to be more closed off than than I am. A lot more. (Not in gchat, that'll be all me until you hear to the contrary!) She's effectively, in my mind, come from a sheltered retreat (no nunnerys in Azeroth but something similar) and isn't totally prepared for close interaction and communication (also gets nicely me off the hook of integrating a lot into RP until I become more comfortable with it - I am fully aware of my limitations). And not in a creepy 'hello brave knight, I am but a naive priest looking for someone to 'instruct' her in the ways of the world' kind of way either. Urgh I just creeped myself out then /shudder. I want her to have some reserve. Some grace and poise (so she's the complete opposite of me already - is this common?) and lots of integrity. Sort of aloof. But not arrogant, that's an aspect of the belf race that I don't like much, their arrogance and their 'we're better than the rest' stance, but meh, I can work on that somehow.

An old guildie of mine used to play on an RP server and said that while she liked the fact that there was a lot less l33t speak and general trolling, she never felt comfortable roleplaying per se so she made her character a mute who used to stare off into space a lot. She also warned me about warlocks, but that's another tale entirely. Her view was that your character is just that. Yours. You should be able to play her in a manner that makes you feel comfortable whilst trying to stay true to the RP atmosphere. I guess that's probably a wise bit of advice. So for the meantime I won't be installing addons as I would feel much more obliged to RP then, it somehow says to me 'willing to RP' if you have a specific addon installed and I'd rather avoid that for the moment. Until I flesh this out a bit more certainly. But it doesn't necessarily mean that I won't be in character in my head. I am also going to try really hard to walk in cities.

To be continued...


  1. Unfortunately there was an influx of EPRers to the Horde side when BC (what is this obsession with elf-sex that some people have?) came out and at times Silvermoon can seem like the new Goldshire. I do advise you to stick with it, though. Although annoying, they are relatively rare.

  2. Oh ERP meaning what I think it does? Goodness me I *have* lived a sheltered life. And yes, I am intending to stick with it... and hopefully flesh her out someone as well. Thanks for the encouragement - it means a great deal.


  3. I like the new layout! :)

    and I really admire the thought you are putting into this..

    it has spurred me on to really think about my characters a bit more :)

  4. I like my new layout but it's munched my blog roll *sad panda face*, I need to find them all and give blogger lurve to my fellow bloggers and blogettes! Job for tonight!

  5. Blog is looking very pretty.

    Possibly that's why Tam has always thrown himself into religious pursuits as well - my mind simply recoils from the notion of him gettin' it on. *shudder* I think I get round the actual necessity of *thinking* about RP by having most of my characters being either silly or unpleasant. I'm secretly quite into insecure religious zealots - hence Tam. And the Prettiest Elf just wanders around calling everyone "dear boy" and being fabulous... but again, he's far too vain for anything even remotely sexual.

    What really surprises me is all the slightly scary erotic Tauren RP - don't get me wrong, I love the Tauren and I don't believe they should leave celibate lives but when I see a giant cow "sex" is not the first thought that pops into my mind.