Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Unknotting myself

I'm trying to make a plan. This has been precipitated by a few things.

Firstly, getting close to hitting 60 with Pilf. I said to the Other Half from the get-go that when I hit 60 I would level her tailoring and herbalism, cooking and fishing, before going to Outland. Pilf may battle with me with regard to the fishing by the way, I might need to sedate her somehow, or buy her new clothes (a disguise maybe?) or threaten her with something. The loss of her wardrobe my bank space, might do the trick. Additional suggestions (threats too) gratefully received. So the tailoring is pretty much on track, the herbalism is so-so but helped by an hour or so last night doing laps of the Swamp of Sorrows. The fishing and cooking should (will!!) go hand in hand but be a bit time consuming.

I also really, really want to get to some of the classic raids that I've never been to (yes, this might well happen post-60!) because, as someone pointed out to me last night, who knows what will happen to them once Cata hits. Plus the ongoing joy of being on an RP server is that you can justify level 60 old world epics on the basis of looks *smacks Pilf* go on the basis that it's something your character would have. But mainly because there is a shedload of content out there that I have never seen. Basically, I am in no rush to get to Northrend.

I'm also more accepting of the fact that I loathe and despise my 'home' server with a passion now (I used to just moderately dislike it) having played on AD for a few weeks. This, coupled with the realisation that even if SAN eventually goes tits up (I don't think it will (and I cross my fingers that it won't!) but it's been factored in to my thinking) means I would want to carry on playing on this realm. I miss my darling troll shaman and my evil rotting lock and I continue to yearn to server transfer them. Realistically I'm not going to go back and play them unless something truely horrendous happens on AD, but bah for yet more transfer fees... doubled because the Other Half would also be transferring his 'matching' characters and as he pointed out last night, the other half of my shaman is... can you guess...? His tankadin. Actually he could respec. Hmm.

There is a downside to server transfers though and it's something that's continuing to stop me doing so. Feel free to point and laugh here but, ummm, I like getting into Pilf's head (not so keen when she invades blog posts that aren't hers but what can you do - other than be thankful for strikethrough) and I'm debating whether I would be able to do that and enjoy it as much if I also had to, eek, get into the head of a troll (I know that I'd lack the patience for 'dis is de way we talk mon' thing certainly!) and, double eek, a forsaken. I'd feel like I was committing and odd, fairly undescribable kind of infidelity. Yes, I know, feel free to emote slap me next time you see me. But genuinely, I'm enjoying it so much that I don't want to feel... itchy... when I play other characters.

At present I'm not going to move anything. I'm having more fun with Pilf than I've had in forever a very long time. And if it ain't borked, don't fix it and stuff, eh?


  1. AD is an excellent feel as far as servers go - my dinky is also on an RP server but it's basically like an RP-lite... like a normal server with a veneer of respectability. Ultimately AD isn't going anywhere so you could always gently siphon your other characters over gradually.

    Also even if SAN does collapse like a soufflé, you'd still probably be happier on AD than you were on the your old server anyway...

  2. Agree, AD is a great server to play on, the thought of playing on my main server again...I just dont have the Heart for it. Tempted to transfer my one lvl 80 hordie rogue over.

  3. @ Tam. (Crikey, I *still* have omg /swoon fangurl moments when you leave me comments... I wonder when that will stop happening!) I lurve the concept of RP-lite!! And yes, I know that I'm not going back to my old server. I'm just procrastinating about giving Blizz yet more of my hard earned cash (they take private jets y'know, assisted by my server/faction transfer fees... I keep asking them to have 'sponsored by Pilfkin' emblazoned on them but so far they have declined to do so)

    @ Lotharío. (God I still can't get over the fabulousness of that name!) I'm dilly-dallying about transferring one of my 80s over. My paladin, I guess I could transfer, she'd earn bucketloads of money to support my alt-addiction (mind you, that's lessening at present) and she's the right faction. My lock I'd have to both server and faction transfer and to be frank, I'm not sure the poor darling could cope with more faction/race/gender/server transfers. Not without some intensive, person centered therapy anyways...