Wednesday, 17 March 2010

*Tabhair póg dom, is Éireannach mé

(Nothing to do with WoW - feel free to skip if you wanted to read WoW related whinges.)

Today is St Patrick's Day and The Other Half is Irish. We are in England. My brother and sister in law to be are in Ireland with a day of serious making merry in front of them. I am in England and will be, as ever, chained to my desk listening to people bitch and yell at me (it's my job, usually it's ok but today I mind dammit). And you know what, I don't want to be there. I want to be:
  • across the water, imbibing copious quantities of alcohol getting ridiculously 'I'm still in my 20s (I wish) and can handle drinking until I can't stand/talk/see' drunk.
  • somewhere watching a parade with leprechauns skipping around, wearing a bunch of shamrock and generally being Oirish.
  • checking out my sister in law to be's possible new squeeze.
  • wearing a stoopid hat.
  • singing along to depressing songs (which kinda make me feel guilty for being English but I still love).
  • bantering with my brother in law to be.
And I hate, hate, hate the fact that all the airlines make it impossible for us to get there by adding a few hundred to each flight each way. And the fact that it falls in the middle of a school term.

It's official: whiny post is whiny. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

*Kiss me, I'm Irish


  1. Happy paddys day!

    I'm stuck at the office too.. It's 10AM and had I been back in Corcaigh I'd be absolutely langers by now!


  2. Crank Pilf is cranky! Even worse, I appear to have gotten a hospital lurgy, the details of which I won't go into... save to say that I'd rather be this kind of ill through drunkenness...