Saturday, 27 March 2010

Reasons to adore RP Realms

I've waffled at length before about how much I adore both AD and SAN. I'm going to waffle again here because I've spent the best part of three hours sat in the Gurubashi Arena with a lot of fab guildies watching some of the most incredible PvP I have ever seen, chewing on pink gum (srsly - best buff possible), necking slammers, tequila and murloc juice - and all courtsey of the Strongest of the Horde IV. I used to watch Sleeper Cartel events and yearn to be on a server that did that kinda stuff. And now I am. I cannot imagine the commitment put into these sort of server wide events, and, the Alliance behaved well, with a few notable exceptions - first time I have ticked a GM about a player behaviour, so congrats to the paladin that popped my 'report for griefing' cherry /frown. I have no idea how many people attended but these might give you an idea:

This is madness - no this is Gurubashi!

What a bloody marvellous way to spend a few hours. And a shout out to SAN's own representative, Gerrard, for stepping up and fighting! PvP doesn't do it for me, it actually gives me (try not to laugh) low level adrenaline that makes me shaky and as a result I never engage in it. Having to step up (well, down) into an Arena in front of that number of people takes enormous amounts of guts and Ger, I salute you!

I have no history on this server at all, I haven't even sussed out the 'good' guilds as yet (mainly because I have no need to) and no idea about the server history, lore, grudges, bonds or anything, which potentially made knowing who to cheer on interesting. Pilf was feeling itchy though, surrounded, as she was, by trolls, orcs, tauren and forsaken (blood elf attendance appeared low), so she made it easy and cheered for her race. Which was fine most of the time, but a little untactful when she cheered on the chap who had knocked Ger out of the tournament... She did manage to overcome her aversion (slightly) to the other races and hug him though. I think she might even have given Issy a cuddle too (but I'm sure she would blame that on the booze!)


  1. Blame the booze all you like, hon ;)

  2. I was really disappointed that I had to work that evening. *sigh*

    Two RP-Guilds I'll be checking out are The Cult of the Raptor and The Darkspear Tribe. Maybe they'll need a low lvl shammy. :)

    Great screenshots, makes me wish all the more that I could have been there, too!