Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Re-writing history.

So in the last post I introduced you (vaguely) to Shad. Staggeringly, she hasn't just pinged into the ether... well maybe she kinda did. She was Pilf-the-First, the one that a long time ago (the GM informed me it was 6 months O.o.) I deleted in a determined (but failed) attempt to stop playing WoW. I was burnt out from raiding and officer-dom and for paying to have a second job; the usual story, move along folks, nothin' to see here...

I've been loving playing Pilf, but often there is this little niggle inside me that made me miss her namesake and eventually I got to the point where I thought 'what the hell' and sent a begging letter to the GMs asking if I could have her back. We then had multiple aspects of fail - about an hour later I had a mail from them saying the usual, in case you've never had a character reinstated I'll precis it for you:

Dear [player]

We have reinstated your [race] [class] [character name] as you have requested. Please be careful in future as character deletion is meant to be permanent. If you cannot se your character please make a level one character of any race and class and delete them. Your list of character will reset.

Yours sincerely,

GM Whoever.

It's longer than that but you get the gist? So I went 'squeeeeee' logged out and... she wasn't there. Made a level one character as instructed and deleted and ........ still not there. Logged back in and sent a follow up ticket. After a short period of time a GM who's name I wish I could recall whispered me and we had a chat. He was apologetic and humourous that the re-instatement hadn't worked, promising to get the first GM to stand in the naughty corner, told me that he'd solved it, log out and then log back in to confirm with him. Yaaaaaaaaay. I log out, nothing. Make a level one character and delete, nothing. Log back in, send him a tell explaining still nothing. Pause. Hmmm. Make comment about him needing to join his colleague on the naughty corner. He pokes his tongue out at me.... He asks whether it was this server the character was on. Yes, I tell him, it was. He asks if I'm sure...? Hmmm, am I sure... getting less certain it has to be said. Uhh, I *thought* it was this server, I say. Seems like there's a little bit of fail on everyone's behalf tonight xD, comes the reply. Then he tells me that I changed relams with her just over 6 months ago, and deleted her not long after. DOH. So I log out, swap realms and sure enough there she is. I log back into the other character and send 'squeeeeeee' via tell to him. He responds with a :D and asks if that's confirmation that she's back? I reply that yes, yes she is and thank him for his help.

When I deleted her I deleted all her epics. You know that box that comes up that you have to type DELETE into? I wrote in that box a lot of times that night. Good by Heroes gear, goodbye Valorous gear, goodbye my Ulduar lollypop, you get the idea... When I logged back into her I was confused. She was wearing clothes, okay she's wearing her DPS set and okay her tier stuff is in her bags. How the hell did that happen? I guess the GM decided that it would be cruel and unusual punishment to give her back nothing? I don't know, but I am very grateful.

I sealed my joy at having her back by finishing my Timbermaw grind which netted me three achievements: Teddy Love, Lots of People Love Me and Yes, Sir I can Network. Then I finished up the night by firing up my disco spec and going and healing a normal Nexxus instance with some fellow SANers. T'was a fun night...!


  1. Squee indeed. I'm glad she was rescued :) I don't think I could ever delete a character - I'd feel far too guilty.

  2. It was my blowing off steam method... and yes banging your head off a wall would have been easier and less painful. Just one more reason why I no longer raid. But damn it, I'd missed her a lot.

    The only problem with having two priests, of course, is that on Pilf (shadow/holy) I keep going for buttons that aren't there yet; where is Mind Sear? Where is Divine Hymn, Shadow Fiend, Bouncy Heal? And on Shad (who's shadow/disco)I keep looking for my CoH button...!