Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Potential for fail = high

Last night on gchat there was some discussion about RP (fairly unsuprisingly) which was interesting to read. SAN seems to comprise a mixed bag of players, some who have always been on RP realms, some who have limited experience and some (myself included) that could be be described as 'RP-curious'. One of my guildies toodled off to down load an RP-addon which, in brief, lets you create a bio of your character and in turn read other people's bios. Already, see, I'd fall at the first hurdle. You can give your character a second name. What on earth would I call Pilfkin? She barely gets called Pilfkin, she's been Pilf for so long now I have trouble with her 2 syllable name, nevermind giving her a surname as well! Back in the days of Pilf-the-First she had a fair few titles which I used to rotate, based on my mood and the need for lols. But and honest-to-gods second name? Not a clue.

And this is also when the failing-at-lore debuff kicks in too. As well as the special snowflake crit. Don't give yourself a surname too reflective of the lore (i.e. don't pretend to me minor (or not so minor) royalty). Thrall (poor chap) has a million love children, so much so that he'll end up having to rent out all of Orgrimmar to pay the child support. Don't give yourself a title (cos, y'know, you can get legit ones from the world events which yes, makes you less of a special snowflake but makes the general populace less inclined to mock you mercilessly). Don't be a half-vampire lesbian. Obviously.

Now we move onto the description text. Waitwut? Now I have to descibe her? But only pointing out things that cannot be seen by clicking on the character portrait. Ohkaaaay. Do (or don't) have an interesting scar. Pilf doesn't want to be scarred!! Call it vanity, call it being a long way from the mobs, call it prudence but no scars thanks! Equally, don't (if you're female) have a magical amulet that you stroke (thereby calling attention to, ahem, the flesh below the amulet). Don't say you have Arthas' sword equipped when in actuality you don't. And anyways, it's much cooler have have boots made by Tobold. And it would be even cooler, dammit, if I could remember who's blog had that screen shot *grinds teeth*

And then the backstory... again, don't claim famous ancestors unless you can make it really, really good. So now I have to sort out lineage for her? My RL family is so darn big I have trouble keeping up with them, nevermind thinking about Pilf's Ma and Pa. And again, I bang into the brick wall that is the lore. Ok I vaguely know where the belves came from (I think, no testing me on that please!) but it's kinda vague. And I don't really know much about struggles, oppressions and uprising(s). And my brain doesn't have enough free space to retain anything I do learn, I'm at that age, see, where any additional info I need to retain, such as my computer at work needing its idiotic password changed again has to have some space freed up for it. And, bingo, I forget which year my eldest daughter was born in (that's a random example by the way, I categorically did not fill in the wrong year on the school application form, resulting in her first day at a new school being spent in the year above her!) So any lore I do pick up in passing gets... discarded along the way.

None of this means that Pilf can't have a personality. Character traits. That kind of thing. And that, ladies and gents, is how I intend to occupy my downtime at work today...


  1. I am also a bit on the nervous side about RPing.. but keeping it simple seems to be the way to go :)
    Have fun doing Pilf's backstory! :)

  2. Don't forget to describe your eyes as "orbs." Ideally they should hold a deep sadness, or shimmer with fel light ;)

    Maybe we should all get together and, y'know, hold each other's hands as we attempt some noobie RP.

  3. @ Issy: I wish... work is killing me today so no spare brain space. to think about Pilf :(

    @ anon. Yes!! Yes, my eyes have definite orb like quality! And yay for newbie RP - who are you so I know whose hand I can hold... :)