Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mid-Life Crisis

(Not me - Pilf)

Something happened when we got to the trainer. It involved handing over some gold and changing talents and I'm still not 100% sure why. I assume some trauma has taken place somewhere along the line - either that or Pilf looked at the fact that she is now in her mid-30s and has decided that she needs to snatch her last chance at rebellion before she hits middle age...actually that's more likely. So she's now shadow specced. Which requires me to have a complete re-think about her. *sigh*

It worries me slightly as well; this new approach means that she's now positively revelling in killing things, and as many things as possible at that. Naofa also seems to be bemused. Who has his back now? Who keeps him alive while he's getting smacked in the face by mobs? Well, Pilf does, but only when she remembers. And when she sees fit to stop melting faces that is.

I'm certain that she does this on purpose, to keep me on my toes...


  1. I have this mid-life crisis every now and again - I respec shadow, suck at it, lightly singe a couple of faces and then limp in mortification back the holy/disc...

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  3. Tam if you're only lightly singing faces you're not doing it right... You're aiming to MELT them...!