Thursday, 4 March 2010

In which I am a fanboi (gurl) and go SQUEEEE (a lot)

Anyone around the blogsphere can't help but have caught onto the the 'blogging about your guild' dilemma that Tam has had. It's been commented on all over the place and as usual I merely lurked on the blogs, being hugely admiring and sympathetic in my head and not leaving any comments. Then last night there was a post inviting people to roll an alt Horde side on Argent Dawn and go and say hullo. So somehow a part of my brain that isn't usually at the forefront logged onto WoW, hit the Change Realm button and created a priest for me. Then it sent Kumquat a cheerful whisper, then it accepted the ginvite so I now have Single Abstract Noun over my head... Then Chas showed up, then Tessy, then briefly someone who appeared to be Tobold, then Larissa.

By this point my poor brain had melted somewhat and the Other Half was rofl'ing away to himself as I sat here muttering 'omg, omg, omg'. In my (pitiful) defence the Other Half, whilst certainly being much more of a WoWgeek than me is less of a blog geek. He didn't quite realise that for me, wittering away on gchat was kinda like sharing a line or two with Ronnie Wood and the gang. Anyway, as this post fails to do anything other than confirm that I am indeed a fanboi I'm going to stop. Updates on the rest of the alts will follow soon!


  1. That was incredibly similar to my response :D

  2. My brain is still quite melted to be honest...