Saturday, 13 March 2010

Improving on death (and other non-related musings)

Pilf hit 30 this morning, and as most holy priests know, the 30 point talent in the holy tree is Improved Death. Which is a kind of funky spell. However I'm sure when I was raiding I dropped it in favour of something else. Mind you, that was in the good ole days of rofling through Naxx, and as I dropped holy in favour of disc when we hit Ulduar I can't remember exactly why I dropped the talent. Other than, I assume, I wasn't using it enough to warrant it. But why would this be so? I know that I died a fair bit. I know that if gives freebie heals and that it boosts your spirit... I'm confused...

Anyways whilst it's a fine, funky talent to have in groups (and raids?) it's not all that (and a bowl of potato chips) when levelling! Ok I *guess* the spirit increase helps a little with mana regen but as I'm not specced to pew my mana regen is atrocious when I'm smiting things. Yes, it will help in instances but I think, in dungeons my of level, that if the healer is omnoming on dirt it's fairly likely that the group will wipe. But... it's so shiny. It didn't ever get old for me this spell: something smacks you hard, you die and then you are (temporarily) resurrected to continue assisting your companions. How can you not love that? And it's so very me. (Seriously, it's really bugging me why I dropped it!!)

In vaguely connected news there's been moar drama in the blogsphere. As someone who should hit 40 by the end of next week and who has virtually no pew I can feel a certain sympathy*. Yes, she plays a priest, and you know what? It is tough levelling as holy. In fact it's bloody hard work. Masochist-style hard work. At 40, as a shadow priest, you get evil darkness. Which helps a lot. Sorry but it does. However, going holy from the get go is a choice as well. And healing as a shadow priest isn't the easiest thing to do. Because you are not specced to heal. Therefore, really, you have a choice. Do you intend to play with a partner (as I do)? Or in groups? Do you intend to level basically running instances? If the answer is yes, go holy and more power to you. Alternatively, if you intend to level mainly by questing/grinding then go shadow.

Alternatively earn the gold. As people have pointed out, it isn't that hard to do. Whether you want do to it is another matter. I have always failed at making gold. I don't want to be spending time staring at the AH, running Auctioneer, grinding mats or whatever. I don't even really want to be doing dailies. Ergo, I accept that I will never be *rubbing hands* rich. But I managed to by epic flying when I needed it. I managed to pay for my repair bills, consumables, gems and what-have-you. When my shaman hit 40 I bought her dual spec because whilst I was running a lot of instances I wanted to have some oomph while levelling too. So I took 1k off my (relatively) rich main and bought it. (Hence why I want to play her, 1k is a lot of gold for me...) Was it 'worth it'? Hell yeah. But I'd have to be very bloody sure I was going to play that characters a lot to cough up for it at level 40.

With Pilf I won't have that problem. I honestly cannot imagine her ever in shadowform. The thought brings me out in a cold sweat. Which is good, it means that my RP plan is working out for me. I can imagine her nose wrinkling in disgust: You want me to do what??? To turn myself into some wraith like thing? And cast no holy spells? You want me to fill myself with dark magic? Have you met me? Do you not see my distaste, feel me flinch every time you make me use this? I think that's quite clear then. No dual spec for me....

*I have never and would never buy gold. There's too much bad karma for me there.


  1. Damn you and your meat shield!

    I'm planning on levelling disc/holy smitebuild, largely through questing (slowly) but also through instances. I'm hoping it's not *too* painful!

  2. The meat shield is sniffing pitifully behind me ;)

    I hear the a disc/holy build can actually put out some impressive pew, I played as both but 'pure' versions thereof; I've never tried a mix. You'll have to keep me updated as to how it goes!