Monday, 8 March 2010

The Holy Decision.

I swore up and down, left and right, that I would not roll a priest until Cata hit. And then it would be a goblin shadow priest because I was Done With Stressful Healing. Somehow I'm playing my SAN priest and she's hit 20 already. But that isn't the point. The point is that I was determined to go shadow. No healz for anyone! But then yesterday morning we pulled a SFK run together after an epic fail on LFGs part: We had a mixed level group sure, I was the lowest at level 16, Jess was the highest at 23 (I think) and it flatly refused to let us into any instances.... despite SFK, DM and WC all being 'unlocked' on everyone's dungeon finder listing. We played pass the parcel with the leadership to no avail, and eventually gave up, told it we wanted to go to SFK and we ported straight in there - waitwut? The view was it was trying to shove us into RFC but some of the party were too high, so instead of engaging it's tiny mind and sending us somewhere else it sat there essentially saying 'meep'.

And yeah, I healed. Wow it's been a while since I healed with Renew, Lesser Heal and Heal. The last two haven't been on Pilf-the-First's toolbar since I have no idea when. A long time ago. And was it fun? Hell yeah! The Other Half came along as melee which was interesting. I'm so used to healing his paladin that I had to keep remembering he was Not The Tank. Do not heal Nao. Not, obviously, that I didn't heal him at all, just he wasn't my focus to keep alive! I think possibly every two-handed weapon that could drop did, but I got some shoulders which our mage (gah, I hate it when people do that, they name check the class not the player... but I'm so not up to speed with what everyone is called as yet!) passed on for me and dear Arugal dropped his belt which I was then able to pass on so she'd get a shiny.

Later on I decided that actually, if we were going to run mainly guild runs though instances I may as well give into the inevitable and make it easier on myself so I respecc'd (as much as you can do at level 18) and went holy. Then we had a mammoth tramp through Wailing Caverns, complete with pauses to let people stir their souffle, ports out to let Temerity get more ammo, to let Nao (who was tanking) port out and get training at 20 so he could consecrate and feel like a proper paladin etc etc. And here's the thing. No-one got snappy, bored, said 'gogogo'. Infact, on pauses someone lit a campfire and we sat there in quiet (ok sometimes noisy) contemplation. The obvious factor in how much I enjoyed the runs was thus: no-one was an asshat, ergo I wasn't stressed, ergo I could heal. And I'd forgotten, in the endgame mess/stress that I'd gotten myself into, that I can heal. When I relax and have faith in myself I enjoy it. So yesterday was a Good Day. I hit 20, as mentioned, and got a ridiculous turkey. I got the first rank of a decent heal (goodbye Lesser Heal, it was nice (?) knowing you) and the endless fun that is holy pew. I had good-natured bickering with Kao about loot: "You take it!", "No, you take it!" which I'd also forgotten. Grouping with people who would rather you took the loot even though it's equally good for them. Wow, that takes me back...


  1. I had a lot of fun in the instance, and it was incredibly nice of you to pass on the big bad boss' belt for me :)
    The healing was great :)

  2. whee i'm not the other priest, i guess it pays to choose a simple name :)

    next time i can do the healing too if you feel shadowy!

    <3 Kaorin