Friday, 12 March 2010


I'm neglecting my other characters. Shamefully, wilfully and in cold blood. There, I've said it. I have a shaman about to hit 60 on my home server, not to mention a warlock in the mid 40s who was getting fun to play.

But, but, but... argh. I love playing Pilf on AD. I'm having fun with her like I haven't had in a long time. The complete lack of pressure, the time to smell the roses - yes, I am walking in cities, and yes it is enjoyable; slowing down sometimes and looking at what's around you rather than sprinting from AH to bank to trainer can change your view of the world a great deal.

I'm having huge fun with SAN. How can I not love a guild who devotes the best part of half an hour chatting about whether saving murlocs should be a daily quest:

(Image credit to Post Cards From Azeroth)

Or chatting about what the kobolds do in the caves with candles? (Best not to ask really) And trying to work out how their personal ads would be written? (Again, best not to think too long about this)

It's been so long since I played just to, well... play. To be able to log on and natter (and vaguely quest in between). To not have to do anything. Do fanny around and pick flowers. Or sit in Silvermoon watching the world go by. Or find a rocky outcrop (preferably one that isn't surrounded by things that want to kill me) and watch gchat scroll past (and try and keep up with it).

I'm vacillating about whether to transfer my shaman over. I'm current on the 'no I won't' side, as most people are messing about with low level characters and it seems pointless to transfer over someone who is at Outlands level. Because what would I do with her? Storm through Outlands for a few levels and then, yeah... take her to Northrend. It's not that appealing in all honesty...


  1. Aww :) I am glad you are having so much fun with Pilf..
    And that is exactly the way I felt when I started playing on AD a few months ago :)

  2. Awwww, WoW is a terrible game - it shouldn't make you feel guilty for having fun and taking time to smell the silverleaf :) Your shaman will be still there :)