Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Grand Tour Part 2 - Frostfire Hot Springs

~Inspired by Jae's The Explorer Task~

I find that my increasing experience and greater powers come with a harsh cost. I am often bidden to travel to the outermost regions of Azeroth. Each fresh journey, it seems, takes me further and further from my home, visits to my beloved City become fleeting, brief snatches of pleasure, stolen as often as I am able. Many of the places I visit I cannot wait to leave; villages and townships are scattered across the Continents, homes to the dispossessed few, visited often by travellers such as myself.

Relationships and friendships are fragile, and I make these with great caution and sobriety, if at all. I have witnessed too often the results of being overwhelmed with loneliness and longing, the driving need to connect with another person; such liaisons, usually enflamed by over-indulgence of local 'liquor' only lead to regret, at best. One should to learn to manage such feelings, to develop a shatterproof external wall. I learnt from a young age that weaknesses will be exploited for all they are worth. Whilst your heart breaks and the pain appears overwhelming, your head should remain held high, your back straight and your walk proud for your heart beats the refrain blood elf, blood elf. Everyone feels grief, hate, love, lust; many are unable to manage this and give in to their emotions. I will not. Whenever I want to break down, to let the tears flow, I remember who I am, what I am, where myself and my kin have come from, and how much we have to regain. There is no room for self-pity, self-centeredness and emotional outbursts.

Few of the outposts I travel to appeal to me; they are either crammed full of travellers, are in unhospitable and unsightly terrain, or, at worst, are a combination of both. The places that inspire me though, I visit whenever I am able. Though nothing could soothe me as much as my City does, I take my moments of pleasure wherever and whenever I am able to. Winterspring I visit when it is practicable to do so. Despite the cold, frozen as it is in perpetual winter, the landscape makes my heart sing softly. It overwhelmes me with its purity, the small footprints I leave are soon filled in by the falling snow, if only all tracks and mistakes could be removed so easily! If only we could err, secure in the knowledge that, in moments, all evidence would be erased. The other travellers are few and congregate in the goblin township; it is possible to walk for miles and not see another person. Much of the land contains only creatures, and whilst it is advisable not to venture into the ice caves; the yeti-creatures within them protect their homes and display hostility and aggression to intruders, and to be wary while walking lest another creature feel threatened, it is possible to find a vantage point and watch the owls swoop and hunt in the neverending dusk for their small prey. Hot springs are scattered around, wafting their steam gently into the air. The water within is incredibly hot but when I have spent hours walking I allow myself the luxury of a brief bathe there, to relax my muscles and to revitalise my spirit. The contrast is almost unbearably pleasurable, the chill crispness of the air I breathe counteracted by the heat of the waters, such heat would not be possible to bear in the confines of a room but outside, alone, with the owls circling and calling overhead, it is a guilty pleasure that I am unable to deny myself.


  1. Pilf, I am _loving_ your writing :)
    I am so glad you took up the challenge x

  2. Thank you Issy - you're one of the best cheer leaders ever and I really appreciate it!!

  3. You're a really talented writer, Pilf! Loving these <3

  4. Oh Jae - I was 100% intending to ask you in-game if you were getting pingback things from the linkage... I hope this means you are. And I can't blush anymore so I'm going to be a grown-up and say thank you... ok and go off to blush some more!!