Saturday, 20 March 2010

Are appearances only skin deep?

So I'm back to thinking a bit about RP, specifically whether the costume 'makes' the character. Okay, maybe that's over stating it a bit, but in my life the clothes I wear partially depend on the impression I want to make or the image I want to project, so why should RP be much different?

Back in my early twenties I was a goth chick extraordinaire, complete with piercings, black hair, lips, eyes, nails etc . That gets you a certain kind of attention and people make certain judgements (good and bad) depending on their age, outlook, values etc. Nowadays, when I know I have a big meeting and/or need to kick ass at work I make sure that I'm suited and booted and have immaculate makeup and hair (and my 'don't fuck with me' face on too sometimes). At home I slop around in jeans and a t-shirt. When I go to parents evening at school it somewhere in between - you get the idea...

So it makes sense, to me at least, that Pilf has some clothes that fit who she is at a given time. Of course, when I'm straight out levelling her she's wearing the kit that gives her the most effective stats but in cities or when she's having down time I like to dress her in other clothes. I mentioned a while back that I'd bought an RP outfit for her which I liked a great deal, and I still do like it. But it was purchased and put together before she had her mid-life crisis (aka when she was a holy priest). Whilst it's not exactly vestal-virgin robes (too much skin on display!) or particularly 'priest like' (whatever that is) I like it on her. I like the silver and grey combo and I like the fact that the robe is purchased from a vendor - it's not even 'green'...

And it was what I was wearing when I had my first RP 'experience'. That alone makes it special and always will do. I assume that the player who initiated the RP did so having inspected me and seen that what I was wearing had some thought behind it and, whilst not as obvious as FlagRSP, meant that I was willing to RP. And quite rightly too. Her outfit sticks in my mind as well, if memory serves it was this which doesn't exactly scream warlock. And quite rightly, she was a cloth merchant with (poisoned) apples...

But Pilf also needs another set of clothes, now she's shunned the light and embraced the shadow and all, (and the Forsaken, to the point where she is willing to steal their lines, it seems). And is seemed right to get her the shadoweave set. So she also has this:

I especially like the concept of covering most of your face, and your arms and legs, but leaving the tops of your shoulders and your midrift on display. That's a good example of mixed messages...Of course, she also has the option of this when nothing will do quite as well as being enshrouded in a miasma of darkness (but from my point of view it makes playing dress up a bit less fun...)


  1. Horde Priestesses rock ..

    We could be evil twins :)

  2. Oh that's a good plan! Be afraid Azeroth... be very afraid

  3. I can't help but love dressing up my characters in cool looking gear, to the point I'm thinking about what cool looking gear I can grab for my main, who isn't even on an RP server! Just for funsies ^^

  4. I'm sure that we're fulfilling the 'girls who want go play dress up' stereotype nicely here! But darn it if it isn't a lot of fun :)

  5. still think you look like tinkerbelle :-D

    you've got no idea how hard it was to get a decent screenie though, got some totally failed ones, so i had to go with one where that pesky wl is on -.-

  6. Aww Kao <3 !!!

    If the lore didn't make it impossible I would give serious consideration to adding some fae element to Pilf!