Sunday, 28 February 2010

On dying (or not)

I've achieved level 30 on my baby hunter! Ring the bells, I've never gotten a hunter to level 30 before. Now I can pretend to die. Which I always thought was a hugely cool spell (less so when it meant the aggro was dropping onto me but hey...) But I haven't had a chance to use it as yet. My scorpid makes a stunningly good tank and now that I can make her intimidate stuff that I accidentally pull onto me it's easy mode. Also the Other Half is good at kiting and chain trapping. Obviously I am less so! But yay for level 30. And yay for levelling two hunters together. We do kill stuff fast and there's bugger all down time.

We agreed we'd go to Stranglethorn when we hit 30 (we were having fun killing level 33-35 stuff in the Shimmering Flats before...) as I don't think I've been there since the level requirements for mounts were reduced. I did like the zone but it had that 'oh really, you want me to run from end to end thing and it takes ages' effect on me. Now we zoom around on our ridiculous belf mounts and it's all good. The quests are a bit meh, a bit kill ten rats, but as the Other Half is a skinner he's happy.

We haven't been LFG with these characters yet. I'm trying to decide whether it's fair to take two hunters into a PuG or if it's just asking for an awful run. I have a DPS pet that I really like and I want to use but there is a part of me that's a little worn out with LFG having done pretty much every dungeon up to the late level 50s firstly on the shaman and then on the lock. And there's that queuing-as-2-DPS thing which means I waste time sitting round waiting for a group. The Other Half carries on merrily doing what he needs to do, not requiring the psych up time for groups that I do....

In other totally unrelated news, I was pootling round the Blasted Lands mining for the Other Half's brother as we have a deal about him levelling jewelcrafting and me levelling an enchanter. I take the retadin round mining, he makes stuff and my lock disenchants it. I've seen this dude shuffling around the zone (actually he doesn't shuffle anywhere, he stands in the same spot and I zoom past him). In fact I even found a bit of junk for him once. But this time I wandered into a big ass dragon who dropped a shiny for me. When I handed it in to the collector chappie he gave me a shiny chest containing, amongst other stuff, a shiny axe of badassness. Much as I'm sure I should sell it, I'm thinking my hunter would appreciate a shiny axe in a few more levels!

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