Saturday, 20 February 2010

Grinding (and flower picking)

I'm having a 'moment'. Like my entire life doesn't consist of 'moments' like this. 'Moments' where some mainly benevolent (but-with-a-sense-of-humour) deity replaces my averagely functioning brain with, say, bits of fluff lovingly removed from his favourite sweater, strung together by occasional bouts of lucidity. I'm realising that whilst it may seemed to have been a good idea to get Eskie to take herbing and alchemy as professions, it would have, infact been a better idea to let Mishe do this; I'm remembering why all my previous Death Knights floundered, clogged up my character screen for a while and were eventually mercifully dispatched to the server where alts go to die. Because I don't enjoy melee DPS. And I don't get a whole heap of pleasure out of Inscription so am failing to level Mishe as a scribe effectively. See this is another thing. Why am I possibly the only person in WoW who doesn't find scribing to bet the best 'money for old rope' profession ever? (Answer: because I don't have Auctioneer, a bank alt and the time/inclination to spend milling, crafting, listing, cancelling, re-listing etc).

Mishe will actually get played. Therefore it would be more intelligent that she gets the benefits would it not? But this now means that I need to go a-flower-pickin' some more. In fairness, I like herbing as a gathering skill. I'm happy to potter round on a mount, looking for flowers. But I've just done it on Eskie and I've levelled it on Mishe enough that she can go to Outlands able to gather. If I swap out scribing for alchemy it means circles of The Wetlands again, and frankly there is only so much of that zone I can take. On the plus side having two alchemists means two transmute specialties... which might, in turn, enable me to break the mould of never having more than about 1k on any character at any one time.

Grinds don't usually bother me - hey, I play alts, levelling is the grind, amirite? The whole game is a grind (in a good way) one way or another. After hitting 70 in the BC that felt like all I did. Grinding to get keys, to get recipies, to get bloody rings that would give my poor priest enough health to not get one shotted by Shade of Aran ( you have no idea how many times that happened. The first time I lived through that fight I was so happy I nearly cried.) To get mounts (no I didn't manage it), more mounts (nor that one) and on and on. None of this 'put a tabard on as you go through dungeons and garner rep' malarkey. Not in the good ol' days... I regularly do circles of humanoids grinding the appropriate level cloth for tailoring or fist aid. I'm just not sure that I want to do it again quite so quickly. Now if you'll excuse me there's an iTunes playlist waiting to be made... music to pick flowers to....

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